What to do in an emergency

Find out what to do in a range of situations-including medical emergencies, fires, and earthquakes.

In an emergency

  • Follow all instructions from wardens, campus security or a member of staff
  • Warn others.
  • Stay alert and aware of what is happening around you.
  • Check the University Facebook page for updates.
  • You may also receive updates via text or email.

Emergency exits

Green emergency exit sign

If it’s safe to do so, leave the building through an emergency exit—look for the green and white exit signage.

Don’t force smoke and fire control doors to stay open during a fire alarm activation. You can still leave through these doors but they must be kept closed.

Do not use lifts in the event of an emergency or fire alarm. Use the stairs.

Listen to the fire wardens

Two women looking at an evacuation board. One woman wears a yellow vest labelled floor warden and the other woman wears an orange vest labelled building warden.

All University buildings have building and floor wardens who are trained in evacuating people in an emergency.

Floor wardens wear bright yellow vests and building wardens wear bright orange vests.

In an emergency, listen to the wardens—they will tell you what you need to do and where you need to go. There are different assembly points depending on the type and location of the emergency. Follow instructions from the wardens.

Guidance for emergencies

Find out what to do in different types of emergency: