Your points of contact

As a contractor, your University liaison is your most important contact on campus. Find contact details for other people you might need to talk to.

Your University liaison

Your University liaison is your project manager, or the person who has commissioned the work you are carrying out.

You must have contact details for your University liaison as they are your first point of contact in all non-emergency situations.

Health and Safety

Contact the University Health and Safety team about safety-related concerns or questions.

Your University liaison may ask you to consult with Health and Safety when planning disruptive or hazardous work.

Health and Safety will also peer review risk assessments, carry out the 'Permit to work' process, and provide feedback to your University liaison.

Campus Security

Contact Campus Security to report security concerns, or request building keys and access cards.

Your University liaison may ask you to consult with Campus Security on work that affects:

  • site access
  • public spaces
  • pedestrian and vehicle dual access roads
  • fire egress routes.

Contact Campus Security

Property Services Helpdesk

You can contact the Property Services Helpdesk for both Facilities Management and Campus Development activities including construction, project or asset maintenance related work.

The Property Services Helpdesk also manages parking at the University.

Contact the Property Services Helpdesk

Reporting safety concerns

If you or any others are at immediate risk, call 0800 842 8888 or emergency services on 111.

For urgent safety concerns, immediately contact your University liaison. If they are unavailable contact the Property Services Helpdesk, or, during business hours, the Health and Safety team.

For all other safety concerns, contact the Property Services Helpdesk or the Health and Safety team.