Enhancing what's important

Victoria University of Wellington is committed to helping New Zealand and the world develop a sustainable and resilient future, and being a leader in sustainable practice.

What we do

Contributing to a sustainable and resilient future—watch the video from theme chair Dr Stephen Hartley and former co-chair and former Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Sustainability) Associate Professor Marjan van den Belt.

Enhancing resilience and sustainability of our natural heritage and capital

This involves developing ways to work within our ecological limits and having the ability and strength to respond positively to current and future challenges.

To meet these challenges, Victoria University of Wellington is taking an inter- and trans-disciplinary approach, combining expertise from many areas across the University. We are also advancing our own capability and forming strong relationships and partnerships with other organisations working in the areas of sustainability and resilience.

Te Auroa—Enhancing Resilience and Sustainability

Te Auroa refers to a water current that continues to flow without end, indicating both resilience and sustainability. As water is a fundamental element of our existence and landscape, it encourages us to consider resilience and sustainability from all aspects related to people and the environment.


Zak Murray receives his award in the 3 Minute Thesis competition

Detecting the invisible

PhD student Zak Murray (left) won $500 and the Resilience and Sustainability Award at the University’s 2018 Three Minute Thesis competition for his talk about testing for contaminants in water.

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Sustainability on campus

The University's Sustainability team is championing a sustainable future by fostering the leaders of tomorrow, delivering world class research and building a sustainable campus.

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Wall of plants on Kelburn campus

PhD research

A number of PhD graduates from the December 2018 ceremonies carried out research under the theme of sustainability and resilience, including studies into unreinforced masonry buildings in New Zealand, the impact of introduced species, and how corals to adapt to climate change.

Conferences and workshops—creating impact

Our research

The University is committed to providing world-class research solutions to the sustainability and resilience challenges faced around the world.

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Aerial shot of Wellington CBD

Centres, institutes and chairs

The multidisciplinary research centres, institutes and chairs at Victoria University of Wellington provide a platform for our world leading researchers to collaborate and focus on significant research challenges related to Enhancing resilience and sustainability of our natural heritage and capital.

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