Farwa Abbas

Artificial Intelligence based Personal Assistants and Employee well-being at work

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Farwa Abbas, PhD student

Email farwa.abbas@vuw.ac.nz

Supervisors: Professor Alexander Richter, Dr. Shahper Richter and Professor Michael Winikoff

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Farwa Abbas is a passionate academician with more than 8 years of pedagogical teaching experience. Her research interests lie in the intersection of technology and organizational behavior. Prior to starting her PhD journey, she was working as a lecturer in Pakistan. She is keen to learn new things and currently pursuing her PhD in Information Systems with a focus on AI based personal assistants and well-being at work.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming ubiquitous and permeating our work and private lives. A key area of application is AI-based digital assistants, which are now becoming available in large numbers and in a wide variety of usage scenarios. The increasing adoption of these interactive technologies is changing how people work, reflect on themselves, perform physical activity, and manage their health, encouraging us to explore the impacts of such technologies on the mind and behavior and how humans interact with these tools. Adding further, well-being at the workplace is an emerging topic in scholarly research. The term well-being involves the physical, emotional, mental and social aspects.  The work setting is one of the important antecedents that affect well-being at work. The adoption of digital and intelligent technologies in organizations has changed the work environment and consequently inspire a discussion on human-technology interaction and its consequences on well-being.


MPhil in Business Administration, IQRA University.
Master in Public Administration, University of Karachi

Research interests

Farwa is interested in studying the adoption of digital technologies and their impacts on organizational behavior, human resource management and higher education.