Patricia Mariel Velasquez

Effect of the design of blended library on students’ learning motivation

Patricia Mariel Velasquez
Patricia Mariel Velasquez, PhD student

Supervisors: Professor Anne Goulding and Associate Professor Chern Li Liew

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Patricia is very passionate about her profession; her exposure and experience to libraries and its users inspired her to pursue further study to find ways to better serve the community and contribute in her field. She has worked in dynamic and diverse libraries in the Philippines and New Zealand, currently she is working at The University of Auckland.


Bachelor of Library and Information Science (Hons), Master of Arts in Education Library and Information Science (Academics), Philippine Normal University

Research interests

The academic library is an important service provided by the university to support the learning of its students. 21st century libraries consistently extend and improve the support and services they offer for their users. Libraries nowadays offer more than just print collections, and often emphasise the resources that can be accessed online to cater the different needs of their diverse users. With the incorporation of physical and digital facilities and collections, libraries are witnessing the emergence of the “blended library”, where physical and virtual elements combined homogeneously to create an environment in which reality and virtuality does not compete, but rather merge in a user-friendly way to support the learning of the students. This research will explore how academic libraries can strengthen their support to meet the needs of the students by examining their experience of a blended library and analysing how blended space design affects their motivation in their learning.

Patricia’s research interests relating to this research include academic library, library space, library design, physical and digital library, blended library, blended space, library management, and user experience.