Rebecca Mines

Experiencing technologies in learning: a Higher Education student perspective

A head and shoulder portrait of PhD candidate Rebecca Mines.
Rebecca Mines, PhD Student

Supervisors: Dr. Allan Sylvester and Dr. Louise Starkey


Rebecca is an information systems scholar with a wide interest in how people use and relate to technology in their learning and lives. She completed her Master of Commerce in 2019 and worked as a senior tutor, assistant lecturer, and course administrator during the initial years of the global pandemic, pivoting courses in the school of information management from ‘face-to-face’ to ‘online’ formats. This led her to become curious about the impact of the pandemic on higher education students, and, in turn, motivated her to propose and be accepted for a PhD scholarship at the start of 2021.

Short Abstract

Rebecca's research examines accelerated technological enabled change in higher education institutions, highlighted by institutional responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. These responses have altered the learning context for most students and, as a result, created an ideal ‘natural laboratory’ for exploring students’ strategies in technology-infused learning contexts. The reflexive design of the research combined with the ontological position that students’ understanding of their experiences shapes their knowledge and reality helps Rebecca to make sense of the phenomena made observable through these responses. Her research aims to contribute toward an understanding of the role of technology in higher education.


MCom - Master of Commerce (distinction), Victoria University of Wellington.

BCom - Bachelor of Commerce, Victoria University of Wellington

Research interests

Rebecca's research interests include education, IT ethics, and sustainability.