Alan Samuel

AI-human Collaboration in Leadership Coaching: Towards A Leadership Capability Development Framework

A head and shoulders portrait of PhD candidate Alan Samuel.
Alan Samuel, PhD student


Supervisors: Jocelyn.Cranefield and Yi-Te.Chiu

Singapore flag Profile

Deep interest in organisational development, business excellence and coaching work for which I have served in the Singapore Police Force as a directorate staff.  I have been involved as a benchmarking consultant for organisations and in the assessment of several international best practice competitions. Most recently my interest has included life and leadership coaching.


Systems that use artificial intelligence (AI) have entered the workplace to improve leadership, but we lack an understanding of the capabilities that humans and AI need to effectively collaborate in leadership development. This research seeks an in-depth understanding of AI-human collaboration in the context of leadership capability development, where AI plays the role of an autonomous coach. We expect to generate a detailed understanding of AI-human collaboration to inform the design and development of future AI-human dyadic leadership capability programs

BA in Management with a minor in International Relations (Webster University), MA in Global Political Economy (The University of Sheffield)


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Organisational Excellence (Benchmarking) 2012 - 2016

Centre for Organisational Excellence Research, Massey University, Palmerston North.

Master of Human Resource Management (Summa cum Laude Score 3.92/4) 2000 - 2002

Rutgers University, USA.

Bachelor of Computing Science (2nd Upper Hons) 1991 - 1994

Staffordshire University, United Kingdom.

Research interests

I have always had a strong passion for coaching, leadership and organisational development. This research into AI-human collaboration in the context of leadership development via autonomous AI-enabled coaches is both intriguing and useful to my professional ambition as a leadership/life coach. I would like to become an expert leveraging AI algorithms for leadership development in the workplace, possessing an intimate knowledge of how AI and humans can better collaborate to harness each other’s (AI in equal partnership) strengths to build capabilities in humans more efficiently, effectively and at a faster pace, uncovering and developing leadership dimensions in people where human coaches fail to do so. Niche and tailored leadership development programs will increasingly rely on AI-powered coaches working in symbiosis with humans. I want to be at this frontier when it happens.