Postgraduate study at the School of Information Management

View the range of postgraduate study programmes offered by the School of Information Management.

School of Management (SIM) has large numbers of students at all postgraduate levels, which is a good indicator of our reputation as a provider of high quality education in our respective disciplines. No matter what your field of endeavour within information management, you will find this a stimulating and rewarding environment in which to study.

Information about scholarships and grants available to students at Victoria University of Wellington is available from the Scholarships website, including a download of the upcoming Postgraduate Scholarships closing dates (updated monthly).


  • Information Studies
    Get a head start in your library, records management, archives or data management career with New Zealand's only postgraduate qualification in Information Studies.
  • Information Systems
    Gain advanced knowledge and skills to prepare you for a rewarding career at the intersection of information technology and business.


  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Information Systems
    The BCom(Hons) in Information Systems is a 2 trimester full-time programme offering advanced study in IS.
  • Graduate Diploma in Commerce (GDipCom) in Information Systems
    The Graduate Diploma in Commerce is a flexible 120-point qualification designed for Commerce graduates who want to move into a new area of specialisation, and for graduates in other disciplines, who want to gain a commerce qualification from the equivalent of two trimesters of further study. We offer specialisations in Information Systems.
  • Graduate Certificate in Commerce (GCertCom) in Information Systems
    The Graduate Certificate in Commerce is a 60-point qualification within the Diploma.
  • Master of Business (Professional)—MBus(Prof)
    Develop the skills to move into strategic and managerial IT roles with a Master of Business (Professional) specialising in Digital Transformation and Leadership.
  • Master of Commerce (MCom) in Information Systems
    A Master of Commerce specialising in Information Systems taken as a 180-point taught Masters.
  • Master of Information Studies (MIS)
    The Master of Information Studies is an intensive 180-point professional postgraduate programme, which may be completed in one year full time or up to four years part time. It offers specialisations in Library Science (LIBR) or Archives and Records Management (ARCR). We also offer a Postgraduate Certificate/Postgraduate Diploma in Information Studies that provide stepping-stones to the full MIS.
  • Master of Professional Business Analysis (MBusAn)
    The Master of Business Analysis (MBusAn) is a full-time, intensive programme running over four trimesters consisting of ten 15-point courses and a 30-point project. It is designed for people in disciplines outside information technology who want to become business analysts, most likely in new roles in their original field.
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Commerce
    Boost your career by filling gaps in your business knowledge or upskilling in a particular subject area.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce
    Get ahead in your career and build your expertise by gaining advanced knowledge in a specialised area of business.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    Doctoral degrees are offered in the specialties of Information Systems, e-Commerce and Information Studies.