Nancy Li

Investigating the interface between public policy and science using computational modelling and the analysis of complex systems.

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Nancy Li, PhD Student


Supervisors:  Dr Markus Luczak-Roesch and Dr Flavia de Mattos Donadelli

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Nancy previously worked at IBD as a capital investment analyst. The main focus of her work was to apply financial models to analyse the return and risk of financial derivative investments and to make investment decisions. This experience developed her sensitivity and enthusiasm for data analytics.


MA in Professional of Business Analysis, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. BA in Marketing, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, China.

Research interests

This COVID-19 emergency crisis has once again made the world aware of the imperative of interfacing science and politics. But debate has also ensued, how to integrate science to make evidence-based political decisions, rather than allowing politics to manipulate scientific research, is increasingly being discussed. Until this issue is resolved, it is quite crucial to use dynamic systems to understand the interface between science and politics in the current crisis. This will ground and reference the appropriate treatment of the relationship between the two in future emergency crises.

Nancy's research interests include data analysis, complex systems, dynamic systems, public policy, scientific-political interface, decision measurement, and mathematical model simulation.