Research at the School of Information Management

Keep up to date with the latest cutting-edge research undertaken by students and staff at the School of Information Management.

SIM is home to an active and enthusiastic research community of specialist researchers, PhD students, and research-led teaching. In addition to being well-cited and top-ranked academically, our researchers have real-world experience and are active in consulting, sit on government reference groups and enjoy strong international networks and collaborations.

Our focus is the creation, use, management and governance of information in all its forms. This includes information and the systems, processes, technologies and people that interact with it, including in information organisations such as libraries, records, archives and other repositories of information.

Research students at SIM

Meet our multi-cultural cohort of current PhD thesis students at the School of Information Management, and learn about their research.

Digital technologies

Many diverse fields–including literary analysis, wine production, the reading of x-rays, and the development of autonomous vehicles–now use digital technologies

A practical focus

Scholars in our three “information” disciplines (information systems, information studies, information science) work closely with our practitioner communities.

Natural research collaborators

As a field that occupies a nexus between people and technology, scholars in information management have experience collaborating with researchers in many fields

The Digital Work Lab

Welcome to the Digital Work Lab, where we explore the fascinating intersection of technology, work, and human interaction.

The Digital Participation Lab

The Digital Participation Lab is an umbrella group for digital inclusion and equity research at Te Herenga Waka/Victoria University of Wellington.

A focus on Māori and Indigenous Research

Our research on how Māori and other Indigenous peoples (internationally) engage with information and knowledge is from a position of empowerment.

Complexity and Connection Science Lab

The Complexity and Connection Science Lab is a transdisciplinary research laboratory bringing together researchers from natural, behavioral and social sciences.