Research at the School of Information Management

Keep up to date with the latest cutting-edge research undertaken by students and staff at the School of Information Management.

SIM is home to an active and enthusiastic research community of specialist researchers, PhD students, and research-led teaching. In addition to being well-cited and top-ranked academically, our researchers have real-world experience and are active in consulting, sit on government reference groups and enjoy strong international networks and collaborations.

The groups below illustrate the diversity of topics our academics are pursuing. As a civic university, our stakeholders include both private and public-sector organisations, along with individuals and communities involved in the information related disciplines.

Digital Transformation and Innovation research group

We research how digital technologies enable innovation through the transformation of processes, culture and relationships in the private and public sectors.

Digital Learning research group

The digital learning research investigates the effectiveness and interrelationship between all entities of learning in every teaching and learning context.

Data Science and related systems and processes research group

We focus on data, the systems used to capture, store, process, and leverage it, and the analytical processes used to generate information and insights.

Foundations of Information research group

FIRG meets to discuss and promote research into historical, societal, ethical, and philosophical topics within information systems, studies, and science.

Research students at SIM

Meet our multi-cultural cohort of current PhD thesis students at the School of Information Management, and learn about their research.

Research Seminar Series

The School of Information Management Research Seminar Series is a forum for its staff and PhD students to present current research.