Associate Professor Carolyn Cordery

Associate Professor
School of Accounting and Commercial Law

Teaching in 2020


Dr Carolyn Cordery holds a fractional appointment as an Associate Professor in the School of Accounting and Commercial Law. Her research focuses on not for profit organisations' accounting and accountability, including charities and sports clubs. She is interested in how these organisations are resourced (by donors/philanthropists, grants, contracts, volunteers, etc.) and the resource constraints that cause many of these organisations to be financially vulnerable. She is also interested in improving the regulation of, and accounting in, these organisations. Carolyn has researched these issues in New Zealand and with colleagues in the UK and internationally, having received a UK grant in 2013/4 to assess the appetite and requirements for an international not-for-profit financial reporting standard. She is Joint Editor of Third Sector Review (the Journal of on Australia and New Zealand Third Sector Research), Associate Editor of Accounting History and on the editorial advisory board of Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal. Her teaching areas include accounting information systems and financial accounting.

Selected publications

Bui, B., Cordery, C.J. & Wang, A. (2019) ‘Risk management in local authorities: an application of Schatzki’s social site ontology’ British Accounting Review, forthcoming.

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Cordery, C.J. (2019) ‘The State Relationship with Religion: an historical analysis of accounting and regulation as disciplinary procedures’ Accounting History, forthcoming.

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Research grants and consultancy

Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (2016) Membership Voluntary and Pro Bono Participation Surveys Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies UK (CCAB): International financial reporting for the not-for-profit sector (Lead Universities: Sheffield Hallam and University of Dundee in conjunction with University College Dublin and Victoria University of Wellington) (2013)

External Reporting Board (XRB): Typical Transactions in Incorporated Societies (2016); Typical Transactions in Charities (2012).

Ministry of Economic Development (MED): Registered charities and assurance (2012)Sports New Zealand: Cash, sinkholes and sources: How are community sport and recreation organisations funded and what are the implications for their future viability? 2011 (with Rachel Baskerville).

Tindall Foundation: Understanding the profile of Volunteer Co-ordinators, 2010 (with Karen Smith).

Department of Internal Affairs: 'What works? A Systematic review of research and evaluation literature on encouragement and support of volunteering, 2010 (with Karen Smith).

Teaching in 2020