Research Office

Our staff form a vibrant research and teaching community and are supported through orientation programmes and ongoing professional development opportunities.

Whether you are new to the University and need help getting started in your research, or you want assistance managing a research grant, we can provide you with a wide range of support services including:

Current staff

Staff can access support through our intranet for:

Contact one of our team

Feel free to contact one of the people listed below. Or, if you want to come and see us, we’re on the top floor of the Rankine Brown Building (the main library).

Physical address: Level 9, Rankine Brown Building, Gate 3, Kelburn Parade.

Postal address: Research Office, PO Box 600, Wellington 6140.

Research funding

Support for Victoria University of Wellington academics in the development of research proposals and budgets for external grant applications.

General enquiries:

Director, Research Office

Liz profile picture

Liz Prendergast

Director, Research Office

Research Office

Rangahau Māori

General enquiries:

Jacqueline profile picture

Jacqueline Wardle

Kaiarahi Rangahau Maori
Research Office · Rangahau Māori

Tiopira profile picture

Tiopira Piripi

Kaitohutohu Rangahau Maori
Research Office · Rangahau Māori

Research Funding and Strategy

Katy profile picture

Katy Miller

Manager, Research Funding and Strategy · RRI
Research Office

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Matt Plummer

Senior Research Partner · WSBG, FHSS, Law
Research Office

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Diwen Cao

Research Partner · ECS, Architecture, WSBG - SIM, FHSS - NZSM, SLC, SCS, SEFTMS.
Research Office · Research Partnerships

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Neb Svrzikapa

Chief Operating Officer, RNA Platform

Ferrier Research Institute

Team Lead, Research Funding · FHSS, Education, Law
Research Office · Research Office

Jeannette profile picture

Jeannette Vine

Research Funding Adviser · Faculty of Health and WSBG
Research Office

Tess profile picture

Tess Tuxford

Research Funding Adviser · SBS, Ferrier Research Institute, Psychology
Research Office · Research Funding

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Dr Hayden Thorne

Research Funding Adviser · SGEES, SCPS, ARC, SSiS
Research Office

Chris profile picture

Dr Chris Kroger

Research Funding Adviser
Research Office

Donato profile picture

Donato Romanazzi

Research Funding Adviser

Research Office

Research Funding Coordinator
Research Office · Research Funding Advisors

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Allison Kay

Faculty Research Fund Adviser
Research Office

Research Policy and Strategy

Amber profile picture

Amber Flynn

Principal Adviser Research Policy
Vice-Chancellor's Office

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Sharon Beattie

PBRF Adviser
Research Office

Contracts and Systems

General enquiries:

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Dan Thompson

Manager Contracts and Systems
Research Office

Lai Ching profile picture

Lai Ching Tan

Research Contracts Adviser · Research Office
Research Office · Contracts and System

Research Contracts Adviser

Research Office

Zoë profile picture

Zoë Thacker

Senior Administrator
Research Office

Research Information Systems Adviser
Research Office

Research Information Systems Adviser
Research Office

Konstantina profile picture

Konstantina Vasileva

Research Capability Team Leader
Centre for Academic Development

Human ethics

Manager, Research Ethics and Integrity
Research Office

Victoria profile picture

Dr Victoria Coldham-Fussell

Research Ethics Adviser
Research Office

Shelly profile picture

Shelly Taylor

Research Ethics Adviser
Research Office

Anna profile picture

Anna Rogers

Ethics Co-ordinator

Research Office