Commercialising research

Wellington UniVentures works with exceptional researchers to shape ground-breaking ideas and take them from Wellington to the world.

Right from the early stages of development, Wellington UniVentures connects entrepreneurial researchers with experts who are focused in their area of research. We help ideas become reality by wrapping a team of specialists around the researcher and their invention to see it through to success. By testing, protecting and shaping ideas, we help create them into real-life applications that solve problems and change lives. See an overview of how we commercialise research at Wellington UniVentures.

We’ve built a formidable network of investors, business partners, government contacts and more to grow ideas into a robust commercial position, examining every aspect of the opportunity, competitive landscape, marketability and potential risks.

We have a large and growing portfolio of leading innovations, deep technology and entrepreneurial projects. We connect potential investors with original thinkers and leading researchers in their area of interest, enabling their involvement in guiding ideas through to successful commercialisation.

Our areas of focus:

  • health & biotech
  • advanced materials
  • digital & ICT
  • environment
  • architecture & design
  • instrumentation
  • entrepreneurship & innovation
  • education
  • English language training
  • tourism management
  • public sector & governance.

See Wellington UniVentures for a full overview of our portfolio and featured projects.

Defending a commercial position

A critical part of Wellington UniVentures’ role is protecting the intellectual property position of a particular technology, which is why we work hard to get alongside researchers very early on in the process, working with them and advising them on protecting the idea. Watch an introduction to basic intellectual property concepts.

Working with investors and industry

Truly ground-breaking ideas can trigger deep change and progress. Wellington UniVentures can connect investors and industry to world class thinkers at the University, creating next level inventions with global impacts.

Talk to the Wellington UniVentures team

Our team of commercialisation specialists and operational staff work closely with researchers to optimise the impact of research conducted at Victoria University of Wellington.