Research impact

The research we do at our University impacts the lives of people regionally, nationally, and globally. Learn more about our research and why it matters.

At Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington, we’ve created a thriving research environment. Our talented people, outstanding facilities, and strong collaborative networks make it possible to deliver academic rigour and innovation.

We have an established history of research excellence, both nationally and globally. Our researchers are dedicated to finding real and practical solutions to major issues. They're focused on improving social, economic, and environmental wellbeing.

“Victoria University of Wellington has an outstanding track record in converting research funding into business or licensing opportunities. We generate a new piece of intellectual property for every $1.5 million of research funding received, one of the highest rates of return of any New Zealand university.”

Dr Anne Barnett, CEO Wellington UniVentures

Making our mark internationally

Multidisciplinary collaborations—along with active national and international relationships—are a core element of our research success. We are experts at finding groundbreaking research teams with the required expertise to solve real-world problems.

Global climate change report

Our academics author an international report to assess the impacts and mitigation of climate change.

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Raising awareness of the important issues

Our research initiatives raise public awareness about health, social, science education, and economic issues within New Zealand and overseas.

Influencing understanding and raising awareness in a range of important areas makes a significant impact on the ways that communities support themselves and each other.

Sharing knowledge and expertise

Our researchers share their specialised expertise through collaborative consultation and capability building. Our researchers use their knowledge to help communities to address real-world issues.

We invite you to tap into our research knowledge-base and work with our academics and start-up companies to bring about real change at individual, community, and national levels.

Immunology breakthroughs

Read about the breast cancer vaccine being developed by our leading researchers.

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Groundbreaking discoveries licensed

We can license new technologies to you through our commercial office, Wellington UniVentures. We can also support new initiatives and handle intellectual property, delivering impact through groundbreaking technological innovations.

We have numerous projects in our pipeline and are always seeking new partners. Let us help you solve your problems.

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Research Office

Our office works with research staff to support engagement with our New Zealand and international partners. We help develop ideas, attract investment and build relationships between partners and our experts.

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Wellington UniVentures

Wellington UniVentures connects researchers with the road to commercialisation, making ideas become reality.

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