Funding your study

The University's strong research culture is reflected in its range of scholarships and funding options available for domestic or international students.

Scholarships are awarded to PhD or Master's candidates on the basis of academic merit, research ability and, if relevant, a publication record. Approximately 120 new PhD scholarships are offered annually in three rounds. Doctoral Scholarships provide $23,500 annually plus tuition fees for up to three years. Closing dates are 1 March, July and November each year. Master's Scholarships provide $15,000 plus domestic tuition fees for one year. Students must be doing a thesis of 90 points or more. The closing date is 1 November each year.

Victoria Graduate Awards are open to Honours or Master’s students taking a combination of coursework and a thesis/research project of fewer than 90 points as well as through coursework only. Closing date is 1 November every year.

Postgraduate funding

Scholarships are available to Master’s by thesis and PhD candidates in all disciplines as well as graduate awards for Honours or coursework Master’s programmes

Fees and costs

The fees for your research degree depend on the subject area and type of degree you plan to do. Learn more about paying fees and other costs.

Scholarships to study overseas

Find out about opportunities for postgraduate study overseas with some of the prestigious international scholarships available to our students.

Contact the Scholarships Office

We want you to succeed in your studies. Our scholarships can help you achieve your best through financial support, work experience and exciting networking opportunities.

The Scholarships Office provides advice and can help you put scholarships applications together.