Research focus areas in business and government

Discover some of the research interests of staff at Wellington School of Business and Government and find links to more information.

Accounting and Commercial Law

  • management accounting and capital markets
  • employment law
  • international public sector standards
  • intellectual property
  • cultural and ethnic dimensions of accounting practices
  • sustainability
  • commercial law
  • corporation law
  • taxation
  • corporate governance
  • dialogic accounting

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The School hosts the Chair in Public Finance, who undertakes research in public finance policy and engages with the policy-making community to help build public finance knowledge in New Zealand.

Economics and Finance

  • housing markets
  • corporate governance
  • regional commodities markets
  • corporate finance
  • large corporation mergers
  • derivatives
  • economics of disasters
  • real options
  • empirical microeconomics in labour markets
  • game theory
  • health policy
  • environmental, natural resource and transport economics
  • crime economics

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The School hosts the Chair in the Economics of Disasters and Climate Change, which focuses on research and applying economic insights and analyses to the management of disasters.


  • policy analysis and public engagement in policy processes—health and wellbeing, environment, sustainability and development and restorative justice
  • government and e-government
  • leadership and integrity
  • political and management interactions
  • governance and institutional innovations

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The School hosts the Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice, providing a focus for collaborative research and teaching on restorative justice theories, policies and practices. It also hosts the Chair in Digital Government, who focuses on the effects of information and communication technologies on the public sector.

Information Management

  • information technology development—analysis, design, open-source software
  • IT impact on individuals and organisations—influences on productivity, innovation and learning
  • value of information services

Find out more about the research generated at the School of Information Management that has achieved acclaim both locally and internationally.


  • labour, employment and work
  • operations management and decision making
  • organisational behaviour
  • strategy and innovation
  • tourism management

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The School hosts the Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Leadership, who works to help facilitate a transparent and ethically sound business sector.

Marketing and International Business

  • brand management, distribution
  • business in Asia
  • exporting and international competitiveness
  • media communications
  • foreign direct investment
  • public-private partnerships
  • global strategy and firm performance
  • health and social marketing.

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The School hosts the BNZ Chair in Business in Asia, who focuses on leveraging business expansion opportunities between Asia and New Zealand.