Scholarships to study overseas

Find out about opportunities for postgraduate study overseas with some of the prestigious international scholarships available to our students.

Victoria University of Wellington graduates are highly sought after by international universities and have been very successful in gaining prestigious international scholarships to numerous tertiary institutions including the University of Oxford.

If you're interested in studying all or part of your postgraduate degree overseas, we encourage you to talk to us about applying for scholarships such as the Rhodes or Fulbright.

Learn more about some of the scholarship possibilities. A number of these applications will require you to apply directly to the organisation, although we can offer direct support. We're able to help with the application and direct you to representatives at the University who have been former recipients of these scholarships and returned to Victoria University of Wellington.

Rhodes scholars

Rhodes is an international scholarship with global standing and recognition as one of the most prestigious academic awards open to students at tertiary level.

Each year scholars are selected from applications from 32 countries to become part of the wider Rhodes scholarship community during their university years and throughout their lives.

Rhodes scholarships are awarded to young graduates with outstanding intellect, character, leadership and commitment to service. The scholarship covers student fees, accommodation and living costs for up to three years at leading international universities.

Winner of prestigious scholarship

Victoria University of Wellington student Kimberley Savill is one of only three New Zealanders to receive a Rhodes Scholarship in 2016.

Kimberley studied her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Mathematics and her Honours degree in Chemistry at Victoria University of Wellington.

The scholarship is enabling Kimberley to complete her Doctorate (DPhil) in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Oxford, in a field where she hopes to make global impacts and address challenges in renewable energy and storage technologies through her research.

Contact the Scholarships Office

We want you to succeed in your studies. Our scholarships can help you achieve your best through financial support, work experience and exciting networking opportunities.

The University's Scholarships Office provides advice and can assisting you with putting your scholarships applications together.