Research is a fundamental component of the teaching and learning that occurs at the School of Government.

The heart of intellectual life of the School is its vibrant research activity from both academic staff and students.

The School's strength lies in interdisciplinary, applied scholarship underpinned by research in a range of contributing disciplines.

Individual academics pursue a variety of interests, resulting in publications, presentations to domestic and international audiences and reports. Their research programmes underpin their teaching and their advice to governmental and non-governmental bodies.

Key teaching and research themes of the School of Government

Research in the SoG arises from the School’s distinctive mission to contribute to better outcomes through better policy and better implementation. The School’s research programmes contribute to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in the broad fields of governance, public policy and public management. Our roles and relationships with the New Zealand government and public service (and others) foster our emphasis on building linkages between theory and practice and promoting the exchange of ideas. Individual research expertise in the School spans a wide set of interests. Among the more prominent current and emerging themes are:

  • Public service reform
  • Foundations and instruments of government and governance, including engagement and the policy process and e-government
  • Sustainability, resilience and wellbeing
  • Improving effectiveness in selected policy domains (such as climate change, child poverty, and fiscal management) and across domains
  • Political and management interactions and leadership; local, national, regional
  • The health system and health services
  • Methodologies to support informed decision making and policy innovation.

The School has significant collaborations elsewhere within the University - including law, political science and international relations, social policy, economics and environmental studies. It is the only New Zealand university member of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government.