New Zealand Trade with China in the Late Nineteenth Century: A Multi-lateral (re)view

Date: Thursday, 26 July
Time: 5 - 6pm
Venue: AM 103, Alan MacDiarmid, Kelburn Campus, Victoria university of Wellington

Wellington wharf, circa 1880s, by Burton Brothers studio. Te Papa (LS.006815/01)


This talk challenges the notion that trade between New Zealand and China during the late nineteenth century was negligible. It puts to task the misconceptions that China and trade relationships with China related to the Chinese in New Zealand and similarly in China that trade between China and New Zealand was bi-lateral. Investigation of archival material reveals an alternate view of trade, one that includes Australia, England, India and other British colonies and one that places New Zealand trade firmly within the complex webs of imperial commerce that spanned the Asia-Pacific region.

About the speaker

Dr Nick Guoth has recently received his doctorate from the Australian National University. He regards himself as a trade historian and his thesis topic related to the trade between China and Australia between 1860 and 1880. At present, he is a visitor of the Department of Pacific Affairs, Coral Bell School at the Australian National University. Nick's work prior to the doctorate centred on the history of football (soccer) in Australia and New Zealand. Nick has co-edited two volumes discussing sport history and has a number of publications on football history, including the origins of "football" in New Zealand.

New Zealand Trade with China in the Late Nineteenth Century: A Multi-lateral (re)view (PDF)

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