Biculturalism in employee selection

Published 2007. Contact: Ron Fischer


The issue of personnel selection and minority representation in the workforce is of increasing concern in both private and public organizations. Anecdotal evidence as well as conversations with Maori employees in more senior positions suggests that there is an inherent, but implicit bias in the way selection processes are operating in New Zealand/Aotearoa.

This research investigates one particular aspect that might contribute to this situation, namely the perception of Maori applicants in terms of their ethnicity.


The study contributes to a better understanding of factors influencing perceptions of job applicants among NZ European students and explicitly links research on micro and macro organizational justice, bi-culturalism and Affirmative Action research.

You can access the report "Biculturalism in Employee Selection or ‘Who Should Get the Job’? Perceptions of Maori and Pakeha Job Applicants in a NZ European Student Sample" here.