Awang Rozaimie bin Awang Shuib (Jai)

Awang Rozaimie Bin Awang Shuib (Jai)


Category: International Intern 2012



I am attached to the Faculty of Business and Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) as an academia. I have experiences in teaching entrepreneurship, international business and international management courses for undergraduates (diploma and bachelor degree). I am currently on study leave from my position as lecturer to pursue PhD study at the School of Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). My PhD research is supervised by Associate Professor Anees Janee Ali. My doctoral research is about expatriates' multicultural personality, intercultural competency and cross-cultural adjsutment; particularly within the international human resources management dicipline.

It was a great opportunity for me to broaden my research horizon through academic visit (internship: 1st March - 31st May 2012) at the Centre for Applied Cross-cultural Research (CACR), Victoria University of Wellington (VUW). Supervised by Professor Colleen Ward, it was a glorious exposure and experiences working in an active and productive research environment. As cultural psychology covers part of my PhD, internship at CACR was found to be a right place to broaden my understanding and perspectives on the intercultural studies. The knowledge and research experiences obtained during internship seen as stepping stone for me to enrich intercultural research, publication and teaching collaboration between VUW (especially CACR) and my represented home universities (UiTM and USM).

Areas of interest

Cross-cultural Management; International Management; International Business; Expatriation


I am currently working with a study that investigates ways in which personality, cultural 'distance", and aspects of intercultural competency (intercultural awareness, intercultural sensitivity and intercultural effectiveness/adroitness) relate to cross-cultural adjustment among sojourners (people who reside overseas for a fixed period of time and generally have the expectation of returning to their home countries). This study is part of my PhD and internship works. The survey can be accessed here.

This study is broadly concerned with the experiences of individuals who have made a cross-cultural transition. Specifically, it examines the characteristics and personal competencies of sojourners that influence their psychological satisfaction and the effectiveness of their intercultural interactions and relations. We expected that personality characteristics such as emotional stability, social initiative and flexibility are associated with greater psychological wellbeing and better sociocultural adaptation during cross-cultural transitions. We also expected that greater intercultural awareness, sensitivity and effectiveness/adroitness would be related to positive psychological and social outcomes.

In addition, we investigated if these relationships are affected by cultural "distance" that is, the dissimilarity between characteristics of one's heritage cultura and the culture in one's new country of residence. Identifying the predictors of cross-cultural adjustment can assist in increasing the likelihood of successful global work assignments and productive international education experiences. This study is important because it provides us with information about the factors that contribute to these prositive outcomes. The results of this study will be posted here no later than 31st December 2012.

Selected publications

Conference Proceedings

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