Zeenah Maryam Adam



  • BSc Psychology and Applied Statistics, Victoria University of Wellington (2006)
  • Hons Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington (2010)
  • MSc Cross-cultural Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington (2015) (Supervisor: Colleen Ward)
  • Post Graduate Diploma Clinical Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington (2015)


Category: Alumni

Areas of interest

My Master's research is in "The moderational effects of faith-based coping methods on the relationship between acculturative life stressors and wellbeing in NZ Muslims."

My research interests include:
  • Cultural variations in psychopathology
  • Religious and cultural models of psychosocial intervention for clinical distress in minority ethnic groups
  • Religious and cultural coping strategies in mitigating significant and everyday life stress.
  • Muslims in New Zealand - religious and ethnic identity, acculturation, and adaptation
  • Multiculturalism in New Zealand
  • Risk and resilience factors in minority ethnic groups


Adam, Z. M., & Ward, C. (in press). Stress, religious coping and well-being in acculturating Muslims. Journal of Muslim Mental Health.

Stuart, J., Ward, C., & Adam, Z. (2010). Current issues in the development and acculturation of Muslim youth in New Zealand. Bulletin of the International Society for Studying Behavioral Development, 2, 9-13.

Ward, C., Adam, Z., & Stuart, J. (2011). Psychological and sociocultural adaptation of Asian Muslim youth. 4th International Asian Health and Well-being Conference Proceedings. See more.

Ward, C., Adam, Z., & Stuart, J. (2010, July). Psychological and socio-cultural adaptation of Asian Muslim Youth. Fourth Asian Health and Well-being Conference. Auckland, New Zealand.


You can access Zeenah's thesis here