Philippa Collie


  • MSc in Cross-Cultural Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington (2007) (Supervisor: Prof James Liu)


Category: Alumni


My areas of interest have broadened beyond those developed during my MSc (e.g. the acculturation of migrant and former refugee young people; Participatory Action Research; youth development; education) to the social, learning, behavioural and ecological factors impacting on a child's ability to get the most out of their school years (which may include acculturation or intercultural communication issues).

Selected publications

Collie, P., Kindon, S., Liu, J., & Podsiadlowski, A. (2010). Mindful identity negotiations: The acculturation of young Assyrian women in New Zealand. International Journal of Intercultural Relations,34(3), 208-220.

Collie, P., Liu, J., Podsiadlowski, A. & Kindon, S., (2010). You can’t clap with one hand: Learnings to promote culturally grounded participatory action research with migrant and former refugee communities. International Journal of Intercultural Relations,34(2), 141-149.


You can access Philippa's thesis here.

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