Larissa Kus

Larissa Kus


  • BSc. in Psychology, Tallinn Pedagogical University, Estonia, 2000
  • MSc. in Psychology, Tallinn Pedagogical University, Estonia, 2005
  • PhD, School of Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington (Supervisors: Colleen Ward, James Liu)


Category: Alumni


Areas of interest

Intergroup relations, acculturation, adaptation of ethnic minorities, research methods


Selected publications

Kus-Harbord, L., & Ward, C. (2015). Ethnic Russians in post-Soviet Estonia: Perceived devaluation, acculturation, well-being and ethnic attitudes. International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation, 4(1), 66 - 81.

Kus, L., Ward, C., & Liu, J. (2014). Interethnic Factors as Predictors of the Subjective Well-Being of Minority Individuals in a Context of Recent Societal Changes. Political Psychology, 35(5), 703 - 719.

Kus, L., Ward, C., & Liu, J. (2013). Relative deprivation versus system justification: Polemical social representations and identity positioning in a post-Soviet society. European Journal of Social Psychology, 43, 423 - 437.

Ward, C., & Kus, L. (2012). Back to and Beyond Berry’s Basics: The Conceptualization, Operationalization and Classification of Acculturation. International Journal of Intercultural Relations. doi: 10.1016/j.ijintrel.2012.02.002

Ward, C., Stuart, J., & Kus, L. (2011). The construction and validation of a measure of ethno-cultural identity conflict. Journal of Personality Assessment, 93(5), 462-473. doi: 10.1080/00223891.2011.558872

Ward, C., Fox, S., Wilson, J., Stuart, J., & Kus, L. (2009). Contextual influences on the acculturation process: The roles of family, community and society. Psychological Studies, 55(1), 26-34. doi: 10.1007/s12646-010-0003-8

Book chapters

Kus, L. (2014). Contextual influences on subjective well-being of young ethnic minority Russians in Estonia. In R. Dimitrova, R., M. Bender, M. & F. van de Vijver (Eds.), Global Perspectives on Well-Being in Immigrant Families (235 - 258). New York: Springer.

Penetito, W., Hindle, R., Hynds, A., Savage, C., & Kus, L. (2011). The impact of culturally responsive pedagogies on students and families. In Ch. E. Sleeter (Ed.), Professional development for culturally responsive and relationship-based pedagogy (pp. 139-161). New York: Peter Lang.


You can access Larissa's thesis here