Kirsti Maria Jylhä



  • BSc. Psychology, Stockholm University (2009)
  • MSc. Psychology, Uppsala University (2010)


Category: International Intern 2015



I am a PhD student at Uppsala University in Sweden. In my research, I often cite research that has been conducted at Victoria University of Wellington. My PhD thesis will focus on the relation between sociopolitical ideologies and climate change denial, and I have been very interested of Dr. Taciano Milfonts research on the topic. I was therefore very happy to get the opportunity to work with him and visit the CACR.

During my three-month internship, I participated in planning and conducting a cross-cultural study that investigates various research questions related to environmental attitudes and behavior. I was also writing an article with Taciano. I took part of lab activities, such as the weekly cross-cultural meetings which provided interesting insight on different kinds of research topics and methods.

I have definitely learned a lot during my internship, and developed as a researcher. I enjoyed being a part of the intercultural and friendly working group at the CACR. People at the CARC are talented and supporting, and I will miss them.

Areas of interest

Sociopolitical ideologies, climate change denial, environmental attitudes and behavior, prejudice, intergroup relations



Jylhä, K. M., Cantal, C., Akrami, N., & Milfont, T. M. (2016). Denial of anthropogenic climate change: Social dominance orientation helps explain the conservative male effect in Brazil and Sweden.Personality and Individual Differences, 98, 184-187.

Jylhä, K. M. & Akrami, N. (2015). Social dominance orientation and climate change denial: The role of dominance and system justification. Personality and Individual Differences, 86, 108-111.

Häkkinen, K. & Akrami, N. (2014). Ideology and climate change denial. Personality and Individual Differences, 70, 62-65.

Conference presentations

Jylhä, K. M. & Akrami, N. (August 2015). Sociopolitical ideology and environmentalism: Social dominance orientation as a primary predictor of climate change denial. The 11th Biennial Conference on Environmental Psychology, Groningen, Netherlands.

Häkkinen, K. & Akrami, N. (November 2014). Ideology and climate change denial. Swedish area group meeting in environmental psychology, Lund.

Häkkinen, K. & Akrami, N. (July 2014). Ideology and climate change denial [Poster]. The 37th annual scientific meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology, Rome, Italy.Häkkinen, K. & Akrami, N. (February 2014).Political orientation and climate-change denial: The effect of climate-related anxiety[Poster]. The 15thannual meeting of The Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Austin, TX, USA.