Jovana Balanovic



  • BA Psychology, Anthropology and Religious studies (2011)
  • Hons Psychology (2014)
  • MSc Cross-cultural psychology (2015) (Supervisors: Colleen Ward, Jaimee Stuart)


Category: Alumni


Areas of interest

My current area of interest is the ‘nature of identity’ and how it that people create a sense of self throughout their lives. At the moment, I am looking at how culture shapes who we are (and our identities) and whether people can be consciously aware of this process. My main objective as a researcher is to explore whether self-awareness can be used as a tool to empower people to create their own identities.


Balanovic, J., Ward, C., & Stuart, J (2014, October). The development and validation of an Enculturation Awareness Measure: a process-orientated approach to examining cultural influences on the self. Paper presented at the New Zealand Applied Psychology Conference, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.


You can access Jovana's thesis here