Claudia Recker

Claudia Recker



Category: Alumni

Areas of interest

Social Psychology; Cross-Cultural Psychology; Acculturation; Motivations; Disaster preparedness

Selected publications

McClure, J., Wills, C., Johnston, D., & Recker, C. (2011). How the 2010 Canterbury (Darfield) earthquake affected earthquake risk perception: Comparing citizens inside and outside the earthquake region. Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies, 2, 3-10.

McClure, J., Wills, C., Johnston, D., & Recker, C. (2011). New Zealanders' judgments of earthquake risk before and after the Canterbury Earthquake: Do they relate to preparedness? New Zealand Journal of Psychology, 40(4), 7-11.

Related projects

Migration experiences

This research investigated whether the motivation of migrants to explore the culture of their host country, and their motivation to maintain their heritage culture, influenced their adaptation in their new country of residence.


You can access Claudia's thesis here