Carolin Rabe

International Intern 2016/17



Carolin RabeI came to the CACR in scope of a research project in the final year of my masters program. My program is called intercultural psychology at the University of Osnabrueck in Germany. I was looking for a research opportunity abroad and came across the CACR as a unique research center with an - especially interesting for me – focus on cross cultural social psychology.

We had covered some of Ron Fischer’s research about norms and values in class, and I was very happy to have him as a supervisor for my project. We conjointly developed a project on values and behaviour and I even got the chance to start my master thesis of it and collect my own data.

I really enjoyed getting a deeper insight into cross cultural research, by attending different activities at the CACR. I got the chance to sit in a few courses and visited the weekly CACR Lab as well as the Psychology Department Lab. I felt welcomed from the beginning and appreciated working in this friendly atmosphere and being part of the center.

Areas of interest

Cross-cultural social psychology, inter-group relations and perception, norms and values, cross-cultural comparison of psychological processes