Annkatrin Junger

Annkatrin Junger


Category: International Intern 2013



When I arrived at CACR I was in the final year of my degree and about to start my Master’s Thesis.

CACR caught my interest particularly because of their research in the area of intergroup forgiveness. During my one year volunteer service in Cameroon in 2010/11, I experienced that the Cameroonians I met were more likely to express forgiveness regarding the German colonization than the French colonization of their country.

This observation constituted the starting point for my thesis which I began writing during my internship at CACR under the supervision of Dr Jenny Roth (TU Dresden) and Dr James Liu. Its topic is how social representations of history influence the identity politics of national identity.

CACR provided everything I needed to ensure I could make the most out of my internship. I got to know a team of researchers from all over the world and their diverse research projects in the research fields of my interest. I had the possibility to receive support on my work and was actively integrated into the academic life of the Centre. I appreciated working in the warm atmosphere of CACR and being part of its activities.

Areas of interest

Cross-cultural social psychology; peace and political psychology; intergroup emotions; intergroup relations