Angela Robinson

Angela Robinson


  • BA in Psychology and Political Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • MSc Cross-Cultural Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington (2015) (Supervisors: James Liu, Colleen Ward)


Category: Alumni

Areas of interest

Social identity; domestic violence; women’s issues; action research; prosocial behaviour; control orientations; political psychology


Robinson, A. R.,& Liu, J. H. (in press). Comparative approaches to gendered interventions in New Zealand mainstream and ethnic communities. In S. Safdar & N. Kosakowska (Eds.), The Psychology of Gender Through the Lens of Culture. 2015. Geneva, Switzerland: Springer.

Sawaumi, T., Yamaguchi, S., Park, J., & Robinson, A. R. (2015). Japanese control strategies regulated by urgency and interpersonal harmony: Evidence based on extended conceptual framework. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 46, 252-268.

Conference presentations

Robinson, A. R. (2014, October). Understandings of family violence in New Zealand migrant communities and implications for violence prevention. Talk presented at New Zealand Applied Psychology Conference, Hamilton, New Zealand.


You can access Angela's Masters thesis here.