Moritz Fischer


Category: International intern 2018



I am studying a masters program in Economic, Organizational and Social Psychology at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany. Before moving to Munich in 2016, I’ve lived in Hamburg for four years where I received my bachelor degree in psychology from the University of Hamburg. I’ve conducted research in the field of cross-cultural psychology during my studies, for instance for my bachelor’s thesis where I compared gaze motion towards the eyes of faces from different ethnicities. In a current research project, I aim to identify social psychological mechanisms that are related to the development of radical political attitudes. When I heard about the CACR, I knew that this would be the perfect environment for a research internship. During my stay at the CACR, I will be supervised by Ronald Fischer and we will conduct research on basic human values.

Areas of interest

Social psychology, cross-cultural psychology, political psychology