ESCI 132 Antarctica: Unfreezing the Continent

Victoria University of Wellington's long involvement with studies in the Antarctic provides the background to this course. Although primarily an introduction to the natural history of the Antarctic continent, many other diverse topics are covered including:

  • history of exploration of the continent
  • Antarctica's role as a recorder of past climate change and its importance in any future change in climate
  • geological history of Antarctica and the development of the ice sheets
  • history of life on the continent
  • human experience in Antarctica.

The broad approach of this course makes it ideal for science and non-science students alike. There are no formal laboratory sessions, but broader issues surrounding Antarctica are discussed in a series of tutorials.

How much do I need to know?

ESCI 132 is coordinated by the School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences. You do not need to have previously studied earth sciences, geology, or even science as the course is open to everyone.

Most of the lecturers and all of the tutors for this course have visited Antarctica.

More information

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