S.T. Lee Travel Award

The S.T. Lee Travel Award provides funding for one young researcher per year to engage with the International Arctic Research Center through exchange visits.

Each year, one young scientist is chosen for an exchange visit between the Antarctic Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) and the International Arctic Research Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks (IARC). The host centre alternates each year and the student is recommended by the Director of the host centre.

The chosen young scientist gives a talk at the host centre and interacts widely with scientists at the host university and centre.

Within a month of the completion of the visit he/she should provide both directors and the Lee Seng Tee Foundation with a short report that reflects both the activities undertaken and the value of the visit.

The exchange visit may be for one week or another mutually agreeable period. If extra expenses are incurred, the host centre will provide them.

Previous recipients

  • Billy van Uitregt (VUW) and Cecelia Kumeroa (IHI Design Studio) tbc 2023
  • Yaowen Zheng (VUW) tbc 2023
  • Kristen Timms (IARC) February 2023
  • Eric Petersen (IARC) December 2022
  • Ian Blixt (VUW) August 2022
  • David Rounce (IARC) March 2020 (travel cancelled due to COVID-19)
  • Lauren Vargo (VUW) August 2019
  • Leo Pure (VUW) October 2018
  • Andrew Johnson (IARC) March 2018
  • Eva Sutter (VUW) April 2017
  • Sean Barberie (IARC) March 2016
  • Christian Kienholtz (IARC) October 2015
  • Shaun Eaves (VUW) July 2014
  • Christina Carr (IARC) January 2013
  • Alice Doughty (VUW) November 2012
  • Andrew Mackintosh (VUW) June 2012
  • Marijke Habermann (IARC) February 2011
  • Nick Golledge (VUW) November 2010
  • Ana Aguilar-Islas (IARC) April 2009
  • Keleigh Jones (VUW) May 2008
  • Jason Amundson (IARC) November 2006
  • Daniel Pringle (VUW) December 2004

See International Arctic Research Center in Fairbanks for details of research activities.