2018 News

Explore the Centre’s news stories from 2018.

  • Vision for the future

    Nancy Bertler presented to the New Zealand Antarctic Society (Wellington Branch) and live-streamed to meetings in Auckland, Napier, Christchurch, Dunedin, and to individuals on the Antarctic Science Platform: Vision for the Future.

  • Old ice gives insights into future sea-level rise

    Sea levels are already rising as the world heats up, and we know that melting polar ice will be the biggest contributor – but the questions is will most of it come from Greenland or Antarctica?

  • The Final Meltdown

    Retreating glaciers and thinning snow and ice are the future of New Zealand’s mountains. Climate researchers are seeking to predict what will change, and when. The Deep South National Science Challenge is taking a lead role in helping decision-makers plan for the coming century.

  • Antarctic research benefits from postdoctoral fellowships

    Congratulations to Dr Bella Duncan, who is among four Victoria University of Wellington researchers awarded Rutherford Foundation New Zealand Postdoctoral Fellowships. Three of them for research that will be carried out with the ARC.

  • Iceberg, Antarctica

    Ice sheet interaction with the global climate system

    As global sea level continues to rise at an accelerating rate, our ice-sheet modelling research focuses on better understanding how the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets are contributing to this rise, and how they might respond to future environmental changes.