Media highlights

The Antarctic Research Centre has featured in a number of different news stories. Explore some of our media highlights.

  • Radio New Zealand - Lauren Vargo's NZ study links climate change and glacier melt. 4 August 2020. [3.42 mins]
  • Newsroom - Nick Golledge, Huw Horgan and Gavin Dunbar talk about Ross Ice Shelf project. 17 September 2019. [URL]
  • Radio New Zealand - Nick Golledge on sea-level rise. 8 February 2019. [5 mins]
  • Radio New Zealand: “Our Changing Worlds”- Andrew Mackintosh and Dorthe Dahl-Jensen give insight talk on the future sea-level rise. 8 November 2018 [16:40 mins]
  • TVNZ1's Breakfast Programme - Nick Golledge talks about the study and what people can do to help with Climate Change and ice melts.14 June 2018 [4.44 mins]
  • YouTube: Glaciers don't lie - Brian Anderson, Andrew Mackintosh and Drew Lorrey share their flights over the Soulthern Alps glaciers and how they track the changes of glaciers. 8 June 2018 [4.58 mins]
  • NewsRoom - Interview with ice scientist, Huw Horgan on drilling into the Antarctic ice and what it reveals about the future of New Zealand's beaches. 25 May 2018 [4.54 mins]
  • Radio New Zealand - Andrew Mackintosh comments on Fox and Franz Josef glacier advances in "the unusual case of the 'growing' glaciers" [9.87MB]
  • YouTube: Roosevelt Island Ice Core Drilling - Nancy Bertler describes an ice core drilling expedition to the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica for the Roosevelt Island Climate Evolution (RICE) project (courtesty of GNS Science) [10.02 mins]
  • Radio New Zealand: “ Our Changing Worlds”- Nancy Bertler on “The Antarctic RICE Project”. 12 July 2012 [5.64 MB]
  • Newstalk ZB - Interview with Tim Naish on the latest results of the ANDRILL Programme released today in Nature. 19 March 2009. [2.86 MB]
  • ANDRILL - TV3's Campbell Live shows coverage of the ANDRILL project in 2006/2007. [17 MB]
  • In the Goldilocks Zone - A Radio New Zealand in conjunction with the Royal Society of New Zealand series, including an interview with Prof's Tim Naish and Lionel Carter discussing climate change in 2006. [18 MB]
  • YouTube: Antarctic Ice Core Drilling - see our ice core researcher in action (courtesy of GNS Science) [5.36 mins]