Darcy Mandeno

Science Drilling Office Engineering Manager
Antarctic Research Centre

Roles and responsibilities

Darcy joined the ARC's Science Drilling Office (SDO) in March 2009 to provide engineering technical support for various ARC projects. In 2021, he took up the role of the Science Drilling Office Engineering Manager. He takes conceptual designs and develops validated detailed design solutions with commercially available 3D C.A.D. and F.E.A. software for fabrication. Construction is completed by local engineering companies who often use state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and C.A.M. systems, whilst the SDO maintains project oversight.

Other tasks involve arranging and carrying out maintenance of equipment, providing engineering/drilling support during site drilling operations and logistical planning and implementation for field work.

Some of the projects Darcy has been involved with include Roosevelt Island Climate Evolution Project (RICE), 2014 Whanganui Basin Drilling Project and the Lake Ohau Drilling Project (LOCH), the Ross Ice Shelf Project, and currently in planning and preparation for the Antarctic Science Platform Project 1.


Darcy joined the Antarctic Research Centre with 17 years of industrial engineering experience including maintenance, commissioning, equipment design, supervision and project management gained in industries such as pulp and paper manufacturing, building services, food processing, and quarry and mining equipment manufacturing.

Darcy has an Advanced Trade Certificate in Fitting, Turning and Machining and a New Zealand Certificate in Engineering (NZCE Mech).


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