Australia and New Zealand School of Government

Learn about the origins, core activities, and programmes of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government.

ANZSOG Board Chair and New Zealand State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes
"Public sector leaders must build and sustain relationships of trust and confidence so they can deliver on the reform agendas ahead of us, and ANZSOG has a crucial role in this." ANZSOG Board chair & State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes


The Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) was established as a not-for-profit company in 2002 with the vision of creating a world-leading educational institution that teaches strategic management and high-level policy to public sector leaders.

The School was formed by a consortium of governments, universities and business schools from Australia and New Zealand, including the New Zealand Government and Victoria University of Wellington.

ANZSOG aims to deepen government, community and academic understanding of public administration, policy and management through three core activities:

  • public sector executive education programme
  • case study programme
  • research programme

Executive education programmes

Master of Public Administration (executive)

Designed to meet the needs of high potential employees within the Australian and New Zealand public services and government-related sectors, the MPA(Exec) aims to enhance the breadth and depth of policy and management skills of participants, and provide graduates with the tools and frameworks needed to be clear about the value they deliver.

The MPA(Exec) degree is offered at Victoria University of Wellington in conjunction with ANZSOG. It is a two-year intensive part-time study programme involving courses held in New Zealand and Australia.

Master's students are nominated and funded by participating governments subject to university selection processes. State Services Commission selects the New Zealand applicants for consideration by ANZSOG, and following acceptance students enrol in and receive the degree from their home university.

Towards Strategic Leadership

Delivered over three separate residential sessions, TSL is a programme specifically designed for people moving from tactical into strategic leadership roles in government, ie people facing senior executive responsibilities for the first time.

Executive Fellows Programme

A three-week residential programme tailored for senior executives, the EFP builds on the core relationship and management skills needed in the public sector of the 21st Century.

Executive workshops

ANZSOG's suite of executive workshops offer a stimulating and intellectually rigorous learning experience across a diverse range of themes. Course leaders are drawn from the world's elite institutions such as the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Australia and New Zealand School of Government alumni

Every individual who completes a core programme (EFP, EMPA or TSL) automatically becomes part of the ANZSOG Alumni community. With a total of six EFP cohorts and five EMPA cohorts complete, there now over 160 ANZSOG Alumni in New Zealand. This select group include many influential public sector leaders, part of a valuable network reaching across New Zealand, Australia and the wider Pacific region.

The Case Programme

Administered from the Victoria University of Wellington campus, the Case Programme has been developed to enhance and extend the teaching options for ANZSOG courses. It offers high-quality, topical case studies for public sector management development, with a focus on current events and issues in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.

Research Programme

ANZSOG's research programme is a collaborative initiative of governments and universities that focuses on innovative, cutting-edge research into public administration, policy and management. The programme was established to expand our understanding of government policy and public sector management issues and to ensure this knowledge is disseminated to the broader community.

ANZSOG also produces many Professional Development resources, including monographs (free to download), a series of books and occasional papers.