Pooja Patel

For Pooja, it was public policy’s relevance to the ‘real world’ made it so appealing to study.

Pooja Patel

Public Policy has opened my eyes to the world of government, politics and economics. Not only have I learnt about how the government works and its role in policy making, I have also gained insights into how ordinary citizens can contribute to shaping the direction of policy. It has also been interesting to learn how different disciplines contribute to shaping the ideas behind policy, whether it be political science, developmental studies, economics or psychology.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all my courses in PUBL particularly because they are all so relevant to the 'real world'. Continuously being able to apply what I've learnt when reading the newspaper or watching the news is stimulating as well as rewarding. I was keen on doing Public Policy as a major because I knew it would complement my economics major.

Studying Public Policy has made me believe that I can make a difference. With inspiring lecturers and stimulating courses, you can't go wrong with this subject! I highly recommend this major for students who like to express their opinions, enjoy a challenge and are passionate about change. From experience, this subject will leave you feeling satisfied and eager to learn more.

Pooja graduated with a BCA with a Public Policy major in 2014 and is currently a Risk Assurance Senior Associate at PwC New Zealand.