2016 News

  • A new deal for families

    The following commentary is provided by Jonathan Boston, Professor of Public Policy within the School of Government

  • Targeting child poverty

    Professor Jonathan Boston argues that New Zealand already has an ambitious long-term poverty-reduction target applies to children, and we should work vigorously and assiduously to achieve it.

  • Governance of citizens' data reaches "critical point"

    In a recent public lecture Professor Webster outlined how 'Big Data' – the complex use of large data sets to reveal patterns and trends – is playing an increasingly bigger role in the direction and delivery of public services.

  • Restorative responses to cyber-harm

    Professor Chris Marshall hosted a recent roundtable session of over 40 invited participants to consider the role of restorative practices in combatting the problem of cyber-aggression amongst young people.

  • Victoria University health researchers honoured

    School of Government researcher Dr Kirsten Smiler was one of two Victoria academics recognised by the Health Research Council of New Zealand for work into understanding social issues of health and wellbeing.

  • Op-Ed: Bursting the bubble will hurt everyone

    Economist Arthur Grimes' recent proposal to crash Auckland house prices by 40 percent raised a few eyebrows as well as drawing a swift rejection by the Prime Minister, writes IGPS research fellow Toby Moore.