Rachel Brookie

Rachel studied public policy, because of her interest in how policy generates positive societal change.

Rachel Brookie

I graduated with a BCA in Public Policy and Commercial Law and a BA in International Relations in 2012 and went on to complete a BCOM (Honours) in Public Policy in 2014.

I had taken German, Economics, History, Statistics and English in year 13 but did not know what to focus on at university. I took a whole range of papers in my first year and found that my interest in politics, history, economics, government and the environment were suited perfectly to a major in Public Policy.

Public Policy has allowed me to think about how the government and their decisions affect me. Not only have I become more interested in what the government decides but also in how they operate to effect these decisions. What I enjoy the most about Public Policy is its relevance to my life and current events. It focuses on how issues affect people and how policy can deliver change and positive outcomes. I have been able to take papers that focus on Environmental and Development Policy which has been a practical complement to my other majors and interests.

The expertise and approachability of the staff in the School of Government have made my study really enjoyable.

My advice to first-year students is to figure out what you enjoy, why you enjoy it and what motivates you. Doing what you enjoy makes university much easier!.

Rachel is currently Second Secretary (Trade and Economic) at the New Zealand Embassy in Beijing.