Work and Organisational Psychology

In this major you’ll focus on human behaviour within an organisational setting.

You'll take specialised courses from psychology, management, human resources, and employment relations.

In a world where we dedicate a significant proportion of our lives to work, workplace happiness—and productivity—are extremely important for both employers and employees. Graduates with an understanding of the dynamics of work environments have the skills to contribute to organisational goals and foster a positive and supportive environment for employees. When you study Work and Organisational Psychology, you’ll look at issues from across the field, including how to recruit and develop people at work, how to get them working effectively in teams, how to lead them, and how to create healthy and productive organisational cultures. We'll tackle contemporary issues that are shaping the future of the workplace, like well-being, diversity, equity, inclusion, unconscious bias, and the management of stress, anxiety, and bullying.

Career options

If you’re interested in a career working in industry and organisations, particularly in human resources, this could be the major for you. You’ll develop a solid understanding of people dynamics, so career options include roles as a human resources manager, consultant, recruiter, health and safety adviser, learning and development adviser, or in change leadership or workplace wellbeing.

Learn from experts

The Work and Organisational Psychology major is led by Professor Todd Bridgman, who has been researching and teaching in Management Studies at Victoria University of Wellington since 2006.

“The major will give you the opportunity to learn concepts, theories, and frameworks from psychology and to apply them to both your own experiences of organisations, and to real-world case studies drawn from Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond.

“This interdisciplinary major will help you generate new ways of thinking about work and organisation—today and in the future.”

Studying Psychology

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Postgraduate study

This major provides an ideal foundation for postgraduate study if you wish to become an occupational psychologist. It could also lead to further study in Management or Human Resource Management and Employment Relations.