The Confucius Institute Resource Centre has an extensive collection of print, audio-visual, film, sheet music and Chinese literature resources available.

The Confucius Institute Resource Centre, located at Room 204, 18 Kelburn Parade, maintains a collection of China-related print and audiovisual materials. The Resource Centre features 3,000 volumes of books, CDs and DVDs donated by the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban).

Language learning materials

CI library
The Confucius Institute Resource Centre, Room 204, 18 Kelburn Parade.

Highlights include:

  • HSK 1-6 Standard Course Books, Test Books, and Teacher Books
  • HSK 1-6 past papers
  • Multi-media Chinese textbooks for all levels and age groups
  • Books and DVDs on Chinese history and culture

Cultural teaching materials

An image of various stringed instruments.
The loanable Chinese instrument collection

Besides language learning materials, the Resource Centre includes:

  • Chinese music, including CDs, books, sheet music, and traditional Chinese instruments. The loanable Chinese instrument collection is hosted at The Asia-Pacific Music Studio, New Zealand School of Music.
  • Chinese film, including features and documentaries
  • Chinese literature, in Chinese and in English translation
  • Chinese culture, including hanfu outfits and dance costumes

Confucius Institute Career Stories

Where can learning Mandarin take you? Hear from diplomats, social entrepreneurs, recent graduates and other colourful characters in this Confucius Institute Career Stories video series.

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Accessing the Resource Centre

Whakatane Book Donation
CIW donated books to Whakatane Intermediate. (left to right) Deputy Principal, CIVUW MLA Zhang Qian

The Resource Centre operates primarily as a reference library, but we loan our materials to teachers and educators for school or community projects.

The Resource Centre is open during normal university office hours. Ask one of our staff members if you would like to browse the shelves or borrow books.

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