Chinese Language Courses

Find out about customised Chinese language classes for professionals, government officials and academics.

HSK Preparation Online

We offer HSK preparation online with Guo Fang, our Xiamen University-based teacher for Mandarin language students.

Course date:

HSK level 1-2  5.30pm Tuesday 10 August – 12 October, 1 hour, $92 incl GST  (10 hours)

HSK level 3-4  5.30pm Wednesday 11 August – 13 October,1.5 hour $172.50 incl GST (15 hours)

Target audience:

For students 14 years older in groups (up to 4), who are planning to sit an HSK test. These courses are timed for students to sit HSK on 17 October. Individual prep by arrangement.

Register by Friday 6 August. For further information, please contact

Workplace Chinese

In this introductory course, specially tailored for the New Zealand workplace, you will learn the basics of Chinese language and culture. You will gain a greater understanding of conducting business with China, including receiving Chinese visitors, visiting China, and business communications with Chinese.

You will have the opportunity to sit the HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) standard Chinese proficiency language test, Level 1, at the end of the course. Test is optional and involves a small fee that is not included in the course fee.

Course date:
8 sessions, starts 26 July-13 September  3:00-5:00pm.

More information about the course can be found here.

Course materials:
Printed course materials will be provided.

Target audience:
This course will benefit anyone who is involved with China or Chinese in the work context.
By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Master Chinese Language pronunciation, including the recognition and writing of Pinyin, four tones;
  • Use the oral communication, including greeting, self-introduction and asking questions;
  • Understand basic differences between Chinese Language and English;
  • Gain a better understanding of Chinese culture and society as it relates to professional interactions;
  • Learn elements and constructions of Chinese characters and become capable of writing 20–50 Chinese characters;
  • Learn HSK 1 vocabulary as request.

Register here.

Confucius Institute at Victoria University of Wellington: Chinese Language Teaching Programme

The Confucius Institute at the University provides assistance to and supports Chinese language and culture classes in New Zealand schools through the deployment of our highly successful Mandarin Language Assistants (MLA) Programme.

Mandarin Language Assistants Programme

The University’s Confucius Institute also teaches Chinese language and culture to professionals, including government officials, academics, and those intending to take the HSK Chinese Language Proficiency Test which is a globally recognised achievement standard in the Chinese language.

  • Language classes are taught to groups of not fewer than 5 clients and not more than 12 clients (we do not teach one-on-one courses).
  • Those interested to learn Chinese at the University’s Confucius Institute have the responsibility of forming their own group of five or more clients of around the same level of Chinese competency.
  • Classes are taught during working hours only.
  • Classes are usually an hour long, are weekly, and taught in blocks of ten weeks per course, with course content and dates to be discussed and agreed with clients.
  • The cost of classes is charged per hour per person. The charge for this year’s classes is available on request.
  • The University’s Confucius Institute is also able to offer Chinese cultural training to clients, depending on availability of resources. Such training is charged by the hour. The charge for this year’s cultural training sessions is available on request.

All enquiries about classes and cultural training should go to: