Mandarin Corner – a small group of women in a classroom enjoying a discussion.

Mandarin Corner Online (currently unavailable)

Mandarin Corner Online is a relaxed weekly conversational meet up with native Chinese speakers for anyone interested in learning Chinese.

Mandarin Corner (Wellington), established in 1995, is a weekly event where students learning Chinese meet with native speakers of Chinese for conversation and cultural activities in a friendly, relaxed setting.

In 2011, the Confucius Institute at Victoria University of Wellington joined forces with its two foundation organisers (NZ Chinese Friendship Society and NZ Chinese Language Association) to run Mandarin Corner programmes.

Now, Mandarin Corner is back, online!

Dates and times

Join us for Mandarin Corner Online, live every Thursday, starting at 6.30pm. Drop in and practice your Chinese, expand your vocabulary, and virtually meet other Chinese learners and speakers.

We will explore a different topic each week.

Mandarin Corner Online (currently unavailable)

Join us on Zoom​
Zoom meeting ID: 9398 8793 379

See you on screen! All welcome.