Xiamen scholarships

The Xiamen Scholarship is to support students and Chinese language teachers worldwide to study or do research in Chinese language and culture.

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Xiamen University was one of the first institutions to develop overseas education, with the foundation of overseas correspondence education in the 1950s, followed by the recruitment of international students with Chinese government scholarships from 1981 onwards. To date, Xiamen University has hosted over 20,000 overseas correspondence students and over 10,000 foreign students from more than 100 countries. Xiamen University is among the first universities affiliated to Ministry of Education of China to accept Chinese Government Scholarship students and Confucius Scholarship students. The University has enrolled over 3000 Confucius Institute Scholarship students since 2008.

Scholarships supported by Confucius Institute headquarters

1. Confucius Institute Scholarships (Full scholarship)

This scholarship is administered by China’s Confucius Institute Headquarters with a view to encouraging students and Chinese language teachers from all over the world to study or do research in Chinese language and culture. The scholarship is offered to applicants for the programmes of Chinese language and Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (MTCSOL). Holders of this scholarship are exempt from tuition and are given subsidies for accommodation, food, medical and insurance costs.

More information on Confucius Institute Scholarships is available here.

2. Confucius China Study Plan Scholarships (Full scholarship)

The Plan consists of 6 programmes, including the Joint PhD Fellowship, the PhD in China Fellowship, “Understanding China” Fellowship, Young Leader Fellowship, International Conference Grant and Publication Grant. Financial support is mainly provided through the support of specific research and other projects in the designated academic areas of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The financial support of PhD programmes includes: living expenses and accommodation costs; research funds; international round-trip airfare; tuition, health and accident insurance in China; group activities and culture experience events; conducting research in China by overseas supervisors of the students participating in the Joint PhD Fellowship.

More information on Confucius China Study Plan Scholarships is available here.

Chinese Government scholarships

The Chinese government provides full or partial scholarships to international students. Full Scholarships cover tuition, accommodation, food, healthcare and insurance costs. Partial scholarships cover one or several items covered by full scholarships.

1. University Postgraduate Programme Scholarship (Full scholarship)

International applicants for programmes toward a master’s degree or a PhD can apply directly to Xiamen University’s Admission Office between February 1 to March 31 each year.

2. Chinese Government Marine Scholarship (Full scholarship)

The scholarship is to support outstanding students from coastal/island countries in China’s South Sea, the Pacific and Indian Oceans or developing African countries to study in China for a master’s or doctoral degree in oceanography or other related fields. Applications can be submitted directly to Xiamen University’s Admission Office between February 1 and May 31 each year.

3. Chinese Government Scholarships for Specific Countries (Full or partial scholarships)

Candidates of all categories can apply for this scholarship. They can apply through the educational office of Chinese Embassy or Consulate in their country between January and April each year.

Fujian Provincial Government scholarships for international students

Fujian Government has set up scholarships for exceptional international students in undergraduate, master’s or doctoral programme from 2012. The Scholarships cover tuition and accommodation cost. Applicants can apply directly to Xiamen University’s Admission Office between February 1 and May 31 each year.

Xiamen University Scholarships for international students

1. XMU Scholarships for New International students

XMU offers scholarships to doctoral, master’s and undergraduate candidates. Scholarship awardees will have their tuition covered (a maximum of 3–4 years for doctoral programmes, 2–3 years for master’s programmes, 4–5 years for undergraduate programmes). Moreover, XMU provides monthly living allowances for outstanding master's or doctoral candidates in accordance with the standards of Chinese Government Scholarships. Applicants can apply directly to Xiamen University's Admission Office between February 1 and April 30 each year.

2. XMU Scholarships for Exceptional International Students

XMU awards scholarships to international students who have turned in an exceptional performance in their studies at XMU toward a bachelor’s or master’s or doctoral degree. This scholarship is awarded annually in April during the celebrations of Xiamen University’s anniversary.

For more information for Chinese Government Scholarships, Fujian Provincial Government Scholarships and Xiamen University Scholarships for International Students are available here.


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