The Confucius Institute at Victoria University of Wellington offer a number of scholarships for students who wish to study in China.

VUW Scholarship students
Three VUW students who have been awarded scholarships

The Confucius Institute at Victoria University of Wellington offers assistance to students who wish to apply for a scholarship to study in China. Apart from the two main scholarships currently open to New Zealand learners, several Chinese Universities have specialised programmes and scholarships for international students including our sister University in Xiamen.

International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship

International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarships are awarded annually to train qualified Chinese language teachers and promote Chinese culture more widely.

China Study Plan scholarships (Doctoral Study)

Full and partial scholarships offered by Confucius Institute Wellington, supported by Xiamen University and the Centre for Language Education and Cooperation

NZ–China scholarships

Full details about the New Zealand–China scholarships offered by the Institute and supported by the China Scholarship Council.

Xiamen scholarships

The Xiamen Scholarship is to support students and Chinese language teachers worldwide to study or do research in Chinese language and culture.