Application advice

Get started early

Each year the University receives twice as many applications as there are beds available.

To give yourself the best shot at a getting a spot, start your application early. The earlier you submit your application, the faster it can be processed and the more time we have to sort out any issues.

Special requirements

If you have special requirements, note them on your application. This helps us make sure you have selected the best hall for your needs.

Your requirements might be dietary, related to an impairment or disability, medical, cultural or religious. If you have questions, contact the accommodation service.

Choosing hall preferences

You need to rank your three preferred halls. Choose carefully—if you decline a place from one, it's unlikely you'll receive another offer.

We advise against including only our most popular halls (Katharine Jermyn Hall, Capital Hall, Te Puni Village) on your list. These halls usually fill their spaces with people who chose them as their first preference.

Gap year applicants can also submit a reference in the form of a letter from someone such as an employer, tutor, minister or sports coach.

Writing a good personal profile

Your profile is an important part of the selection process. It gives us some idea of who you are and what you would bring to the hall community.

Try to write at least three sentences for each question wherever possible.

Before you start, think about:

  • how you will describe yourself
  • occasions where you've got involved and helped others
  • what you hope your study will lead to
  • what you like to do in your free time.

School leavers

You'll need the following information to fill out the form:

  • your National Student Number (NSN)
  • an emergency contact person's details
  • your Year 12 results
  • details of any other significant qualifications or awards you hold
  • details of positions of responsibility or leadership you have held
  • your proposed course of study at Victoria University of Wellington.