Costs and budgeting

Work out the costs of going on an exchange, ways to pay for it, and how to get budgeting support.

Exchange costs

When you go on exchange you'll remain enrolled as a Victoria University of Wellington student and pay tuition fees here, not at the host university. You are responsible for your normal Victoria University of Wellington fees (60 points per trimester), as well as other costs related to the exchange—such as travel, accommodation, insurance, course materials and personal expenses.

Some universities may require you to submit proof of finances with your host application for immigration and visa purposes. You may also be required to purchase a particular type of insurance by your host university.

Costs vary between programmes and it is essential you investigate the costs and plan for your exchange in advance. To get an idea of estimated living costs, visit the host university's website, and read our student reviews. Numbeo also provides a cost of living database for cities worldwide.

Most students fund their travel and living costs through a combination of a grant, scholarships, StudyLink and personal savings.

Wellington Global Exchange grant

All successful Wellington Global Exchange students will receive a one-time grant of $1,000.

This shows our genuine commitment towards our students going abroad and to their development academically, personally, culturally and professionally as a result of their Wellington Global Exchange experience.

In return, each Wellington Global Exchange student will be asked to submit an evaluation report and complete at least two volunteer activities upon return.

Our experience suggests most will be keen to do all of the above, as you'll want to share your exchange story.

WILP Global Leader grant

Participants of the Wellington International Leadership Programme (WILP) may be eligible to receive up to $1,000 of additional funding for their exchange, on top of the $1,000 Wellington Global Exchange grant. Students must complete the minimum requirements of the WILP programme prior to exchange in order to be eligible for the grant.

StudyLink loans and allowances

If you would normally be eligible for student loans, allowances and living costs through StudyLink then you'll be able to receive payments while on exchange. Once you have been accepted to the Wellington Global Exchange programme, you'll be required to complete and submit an Overseas Study Form to StudyLink. We'll advise you about this at the pre-departure orientation event.

Inland Revenue—interest exemption for exchange students

Students who are outside of the country for more than six months may incur interest on their student loan unless they apply for an interest exemption with Inland Revenue. All exchange students will be provided information on how to apply for an interest exemption at the pre-departure orientation event.

Budgeting help

One of our student finance advisers can help you with financial planning and preparation for the costs of your exchange—ensure you've researched the costs associated with your exchange before making an appointment with an adviser. Get in touch by calling 0800 04 04 04 or email:

They also offer financial wellbeing workshops during the trimester to help your prepare your exchange budget. We recommend students attend this workshop before preparing their application.