Find out the requirements for studying towards a Japanese major while on exchange.

Where to study

You can study towards your Japanese major in Japan.

It is recommended that Japanese language students study on exchange for two trimesters. Shorter exchanges should be discussed with Japanese studies.

Your language level and university selection must be assessed by Japanese studies before applying for exchange.

Japanese major requirements for exchange

Before going on exchange

You must have completed at least the 100-level Japanese language course JAPA 102 before starting your exchange.

If you were exempt from your 100-level Japanese courses, you must have completed JAPA 201 before you go on exchange to Japan.

For a Japanese major, the best time to go on exchange is from 100-level or 200-level. Priority will be given if you plan to study Honours at Victoria University of Wellington after completing your studies in Japan.

Courses to take on exchange

You should study Japanese culture and language courses.

Completing your Japanese major

If you wish to complete your language major while on exchange, discuss your application with the Japanese programme student exchange coordinator. It is recommended that you complete JAPA 302 (or FHSS 401–JAPA). We strongly recommend you also take JAPA 301 if you take JAPA 302.

You can study on exchange if you have already completed the requirements of your Japanese major.

Cross credit process

Generally, if studying on exchange in Japan in your second year (200-level Japanese), you can cross credit JAPA 201 and JAPA 202.

If you are planning to go on exchange during your third year, talk to the Japanese programme student exchange coordinator as you may be required to complete either JAPA 302 or FHSS 401–JAPA upon your return. This cannot be guaranteed until you have returned from your studies, when you may be required to sit a placement test. Cross crediting is at the discretion of the Japanese programme.

Japanese programme student exchange coordinator

Lecturer in Japanese
School of Languages and Cultures