Explore the variety of scholarships available to provide financial support for students taking part in the exchange programme.

Victoria University of Wellington scholarships and grants

Wellington Global Exchange Grant

Each student that studies overseas through the Wellington Global Exchange programme will receive a one-time $1,000 NZD grant from us. This shows our genuine commitment towards our students going abroad, who stand to gain academically, personally, culturally and professionally from their exchange.

You will be invited to apply for this through our Scholarships team once you receive your official acceptance into your host university.

You automatically qualify for this grant, but in return for the grant, each exchange student will be required to:

  • Complete the Exchange Review Survey
  • Complete at least 2 volunteer activities. These include but are not limited to:
    • Writing 4 posts for the Wellington Global Exchange Facebook page.
    • Creating a short video of your exchange experience.
    • Writing a blog post.
    • Presenting at one of our weekly Information Sessions to students interested in going on exchange.
    • Acting as an exchange ambassador at Wellington Global Exchange events.
    • Acting as a Victoria University of Wellington ambassador at any host university events.

WILP Global Leader Grant

The WILP grant is available to participants in the Wellington International Leadership Programme who are also taking part in a Wellington Global Exchange programme. If you meet the pre-requisite requirements, and submit the WILP Grant form, you can receive an additional $1,000 NZD.

To find out more, visit the WILP website or email the WILP team to enquire about the grant application deadline or request a WILP Grant form.

The WILP team recommend that students allow at least two full trimesters (one academic year) to complete these requirements before going on the Wellington Global Exchange programme.

When do I receive the grant?

The Wellington Global Exchange and WILP grants will be paid at the end of November (Trimester 1 Exchanges) or July (Trimester 2 Exchanges) of the start of your academic semester at your host university.

Grants will be paid directly into a New Zealand bank account (not a credit card account).  If you require this money to go into a non-NZ bank account, please let us know.

WILP will advise you when you need to apply via Community Force with your bank account details.

Scholarships databases

Research the University Scholarships and Generosity New Zealand databases.

Use a search engine to search for grants and scholarships, you may be surprised at what you can find.

It is your responsibility to apply for scholarships, so keep an eye on application deadlines.

Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Asia and Latin America

The Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia (PMSA) and Prime Minister's Scholarships for Latin America (PMSLA) are scholarship programmes funded by the New Zealand government and administered by Education New Zealand.

These scholarships are awarded to individuals and covers costs relating to study or research in Asia or Latin America ranging up to NZ$13,000. This can include tuition fees, return economy class flights, accommodation costs, a monthly living allowance, and medical insurance.

Find out more about PMSA.

Find out more about PMSLA

There is one application round each year.

Country and university specific scholarships


Two scholarships of 550 Euros per month are available for Victoria University of Wellington students heading to Johannes Kepler University Linz. Contact the Wellington Global Exchange team to find out more.


Scholarships are available for students heading to Nankai University to study on exchange with Wellington Global Exchange. Contact the Wellington Global Exchange team to find out more.


German language students can search DAAD New Zealand for scholarships available.

The Baden-Wurttemberg Scholarship for universities in the South-West region of Germany are often available, but funding differs yearly. Students will be informed of the application procedure once the student has been nominated to go on exchange and the university has confirmed the availability of this scholarship.


Japan Student Services Organization scholarship

Japanese language students are eligible to apply for a Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) scholarship for 80,000 yen per month up to 12 months and 80,000 yen for setup costs. To apply for this scholarship, the Wellington Global Exchange office submits a JASSO nomination form with the student's application to the host university. Some host universities offer alternative scholarships to JASSO.

As JASSO scholarship winners are often notified only after arrival at the Japanese host university, students must ensure they have sufficient guaranteed funds to continue their exchange if their JASSO application is unsuccessful.

New Zealand Japan Exchange Programme

The New Zealand Japan Exchange Programme encourage understanding and cooperation between Japan and NZ through promoting educational and cultural exchange programmes. There are two rounds of grant applications assessed per year: closing 31 March and 31 October.

Asia New Zealand Foundation study grants

The Asia New Zealand Foundation has Study Grants to Japan available each year to senior secondary and undergraduate students in New Zealand who have been accepted on exchange programmes to Japan.


For Korea University, students are able to apply for one of three scholarships—an Admissions Scholarship of KRW 300,000 per month for the first four months of their stay, a Travel Scholarship to help students meet basic travel costs (a one-off payment of up to KRW 1,000,000), or a Merit Scholarship of KRW 300,000 for the four months of the second semester, awarded on the basis of academic merit of the student's first semester.

Latin America

The Prime Minister's Scholarship for Latin America is a scholarship programme funded by the New Zealand government and administered by Education New Zealand. The scholarship is awarded to individuals and covers costs relating to study or research in Latin America. This can include tuition fees, return economy class flights, accommodation costs, a monthly living allowance, and medical insurance. It does not necessarily cover all costs. There are two application rounds each year closing March and September.

United States of America

Go Overseas offers a Study Abroad Scholarship if you are studying on exchange in the USA.

Other sources

Wellington North Rotary Scholarship Trust awards scholarships to students in the Wellington region which can be used for study in any institution. The award may cover aspects of overseas study. The amount of a scholarship varies and is at the discretion of the Wellington North Rotary Scholarship Trust. There are three types of scholarships; a general grant and two grants for undergraduate/postgraduate Electrical Engineering studies.

Different Rotary Club branches also offer Ambassadorial or similar scholarships, and Universities New Zealand offers a database of awards, scholarships and grants for New Zealanders.